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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Which of you out there reading this right now have a closer relationship with that word than you’d like to?

Me too.

It seems like everyone has some level of anxiety. I’ve met far fewer people that don’t experience anxiety and depression than those who do. So, first things first you’re not alone and you’re not weird. You’re also not a special case that stands out deserving a free pass to not live as good of a life as you possibly can. Just because you don’t feel like getting out of bed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your fat butt to the gym. And not pick up a jelly donut on your way… 🙂

I love you. My name’s Mark and I’m your friend.

Really though, you’re not alone in your anxiety. YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN YOUR ANXIETY! That’s great news. Because you can find a buddy that also has anxiety. It’s likely the person next to you that you think has their whole life together. They don’t. Their shambles look just like your shambles. Probably worse. So, again, you’re gonna pull up your big boy or big girl pants (and they’ve probably gotten bigger because you keep letting, I-Don’t-Feel-Like-It, determine your day and your decisions) and start doing what you want to do.

The cool thing is, when you get involved in those activities, studies, journeys, whatevers you wanted to do, you’re going to find all kinds of people that share the exact same emotional distress as you. But you’re going to find that they’re functioning on a higher level yet still dealing with it. This means, you’ll pick up on the same strategies they employ to position their lives that’s similar to the way you wish to position yours.

So join me as we jump into our dreams, anxious as a hooker in a Sunday morning confessional, and find that there’s other people exactly like us that are going to help us make our lives significantly better than than they are now. Only thing standing between us and a better life is, I-Don’t-Feel-Like-It.

We should make better friends with, I’m-Gonna-Do-It-Anyway.


I didn’t write this to insult you, I wrote it to inspire you. If weight is something you struggle with, I understand. I don’t look like I understand physically but that’s because I made the same change so many need to make. I go to the gym just about every day and spend a minimum of 40 minutes on the StairMaster. I still struggle with eating comfort foods and have a hell of a time working at keeping my diet balanced and healthy. Also! Side note! I HATE GOING TO THE GYM!!!!! This isn’t a health post. My best health advice is to eat less pizza and move more. I was a chubby kid in high school and the insecure thoughts produced by that experience still follow me to this day. See, we’re all fucked up 🙂


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