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I Totally Forgot To Keep Worrying About That!

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash
Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Did you ever realize you weren’t worrying about something? Like you forgot to keep worrying about that thing you were worried about. That’s a powerful thought because it shows you that you were freely and easily living without worrying yourself to an early death. It shows us that it’s possible to let go of thoughts that bring nothing good with them.

That’s probably giving you anxiety and worry right now.. “Well, how do I just let go of them! I mean, they’re just there! I can’t get rid of them! How Do I let them go?! What’s the technique!?!?! What’s the secret!!???!!?”

It’s more simple than you want it to be.

Let it go.

You were doing something in that worry-free moment, continue focusing on that and let go of attaching yourself to that random thought that greets you. Acknowledge it, ignore it, move on. We like to acknowledge it, attach ourselves to it, and never move on from it.

We simply can’t move on once we’ve attached ourselves. We’re attached and that thought keeps us right there or worse, starts pulling us in a reverse direction. Back over ground that has already been covered, that we will surely have to cover again and again if we continue to allow ourselves to attach.

We can have reprieve from our minds. We have more control over our thinking than we think. We have more control over our minds than we think. We gain control by losing it.

Oh, the paradoxes of life.

To gain control, you must lose control. All of those questions about how to let go of those thoughts that create worry is a desperate cry to gain control.

If I’m sitting next to a stream, I have no control as to what flows by me. Leaves, sticks, little bugs that run on water… I have no idea where they came from nor does it matter where they came from. Once they’ve passed, I’ve forgotten that they were even there.

If the thoughts that worry me stream through my mind, and I can just acknowledge them and see that they’re there without grabbing them and inspecting every inch of them, but rather to continue doing what I was doing…. driving, reading, actually focusing on a thought that brings me joy… if I can go back to that, I’ll have a better shot at peaceful moments. I’ll ultimately experience more peace.

I allow myself to lose control by not looking at bad thoughts and questioning why they’re there, where they came from, what I can do to stop them… And in that moment of lost control I fully gain control on the good that I’m allowed to focus on.

Yes, you’re allowed to feel ok.


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