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Inspiration Igniters

Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash
Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

I spoke before about the power of inspiration. It’s igniting force to get people to move on their dreams and missions. So many things came into existence through the awakening force of inspiration. Somebody heard something from someone that they needed to hear that sparked the explosion of coloring their dream.

When we share our adversities and all that we overcame to get to where we are today, it gives one thing that the world and humanity will never be thirst-less for… hope. But that’s only if we share our pains in a hopeful way. Simply telling everyone about how you’ve been wronged and that the world owes you something is not a story of inspiration but just a story of sobbing. You are human.

You and I and every single human to ever have lived and ever will live are going to battle lives of injustice, shame, pain, disgrace, disharmony, anger, betrayal, extreme heartbreak, extreme fatigue, cancer, illness, diabetes, migraines, heart attacks, losing loved ones… death is going to be so close to some of us that we’ll swore we could smell it’s breath if it had any… The human experience is just that, a human experience.

Your story, just like everyone’s, is sprinkled with these things. The difference in how you share your story and the power it holds and another person that shares their story and the power it holds comes down to one word… hope.

If you see everything you’ve went through as having brought more value to your life, then you are sharing a story from a hopeful perspective. Which can and will do a couple things. First, it will ignite inspiration in others and in you. The next thing is, it will bring more love into your life because you will be sharing that thing that everyone craves… hope.

The opposite of this is obvious and of course it’s easiest to do. Sharing your story from the perspective of the pessimist and drawing in a few poisonous people. People that will dwell in loneliness and darkness alone but with someone else that is also alone. That almost doesn’t make sense, but it’s what happens. The lonely dwell with the lonely in a hopeless, lightless endeavor to maintain the stance that they were wronged. A stance that life owes them something.

Don’t get me wrong, when bad things happen, you need to allow those bad things to take course; you need to cry, you need to feel all of the wonderful negative things that come along with loss (Wonderful negative?… Yep. Once you see the value these shit storms have brought you, you’ll see that they were just that. Wonderful negatives.) I’m not suggesting that the person who just lost their loved one two minutes ago to start skipping down the street kissing people’s cheeks (Ugh, the cheeks on their face.)

Let the pain come, but also, let it go.

The story and perspective of hope doesn’t just ignite life in other people, but it also ignites life in you! Knowing the things you’ve overcome, sharing your story of hope-filled victory, and believing in the strength you have within yourself… what a strong recipe for a life of greatness and not a life of shit.


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