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Showing Up for Yourself

You can do very little for other people, if you haven't done enough for you


It's a bit too easy to get caught up with the waves of life that take us from one thing to the next, one responsibility to the next, one requirement to the next--to the point that we feel like we have no control over our time, our schedules, or anything.

It's very easy to get lost and taken away by this but it's crucial, absolutely crucial, for us to slow down, look around at our lives, and make decisions to do the things that will serve us. Decisions that serve us look like making the decision to wake up earlier so we can go for a walk, go to the gym, write a new blog, or read a new book.

If you and I don't start taking that time that we need to do these things that serve us, we will start to resent the things and people in our lives that we love most. If you're fortunate enough to enjoy the work you do and also fortunate enough to have people in your life that you love, you will begin to resent all of that if you don't set aside this crucial time for yourself.

I love my son more than words can say, but I notice that I get more irritable when he's doing the toddler things he should be doing like standing on coffee tables or rubbing spaghetti through his hair, if I haven't taken the time early in the day to connect with myself. That's when it works best for me--around 5am. When I've gotten up early, read, had coffee, and finished some writing, I'm so much more present when I'm with him or doing anything really, because it's not sitting in my mind the things I should have done. I already did them. I showed up for myself first and in turn was able to show up for others.

Life feels a bit more calm when we take control of the very few things we have control over--like waking up earlier and reading. It seems like something small, but in time you'll start to see how much you've been able to get done while still maintaining those same responsibilities that life presents to you daily.

Especially speaking to the time that I spend with my son or anyone that I love, I want to be FULLY present for them. I don't want to be rushing through things like bath time because I let my laziness win the morning. Little ones aren't so little for so long and those moments are immeasurably precious and fleeting. Because of this, I'll do everything I can to maintain the utmost focus I can possibly give to every moment I have with my little one. And the way I'm better able to do that every day, is to first give focus to myself and my needs so that I'm capable to love more than I can when I'm distracted by what I should have done.

I never find myself wondering what else I could be doing rather than spending time with those I love, because I already did those things at 5am.

Do the things you need to do so you can do the things you need to do.



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