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Academic Success Coaching Session

1-on-1 coaching with Mark Craven, M.Ed.

  • 1 hour
  • 300 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

It can be a very tricky landscape to navigate returning to school when you're an adult with adult responsibilities. I've worked in Higher Education for over 10 years in various roles that position me to help you in whatever educational pursuit you've set before yourself. It takes more than just understanding how to apply for Financial Aid or scheduling classes or choosing the right program at the right school to accommodate your need... it also takes belief that you can do this thing. That's actually the greatest challenge that you'll face on this journey. Along with my extensive work within this field, I hold a Master's Degree in Higher Education Management from the University of Pittsburgh. But I didn't start there. My story goes back to being a returning adult, working student at a community college. I barely graduated High School, having failed geometry 3 times. One of my roles in Higher Education has been that of a Math Instructor. All that to say, no matter where you are or where you've been, if this goal is important to you then you can and will accomplish it. And I want to be there to help you.

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