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Success is just up ahead! Let me show you

About Me

I am a dreamer. A big dreamer. And I have full faith and absolute belief that we've been given our dreams for a purpose and that purpose unfolds as we pursue our dreams.

I've worked in Higher Education for over a decade helping students achieve their academic goals. Helping them see that their lofty dreams weren't so lofty and in fact achievable.

Nothing has brought me more joy in my professional life than seeing people find their footing in an unsure and unfamiliar environment to achieve what they set out to do.

In my personal life, nothing has brought me more joy than becoming a dad. I've written several books on goal attainment and dreams but my upcoming release, "Dads, Kiss Your Sons", holds powerful messages for men to become their fullest selves, openly love their little boys, and so much more.

I was terrified to become a dad because I never had a dad and had a terrible relationship with my mom. I'm so thankful I sat through that fear long enough to come out on the other side to experience a love like I truly con't explain. I want all dads to feel that. I want all sons to have their dads with them.  


“Mark is incredible! He has the most extraordinary outlook on life and such wise perspective. His message is both inspiring and practical and his way with words communicates that in the most approachable way. I highly recommend reading his books and blog and listening to his podcast ‘The Craven Effect’”

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Dr. Gabe, On-Air Psychologist (The Doctors) & Clinical Professor in Neuropsychology at USC

“We all need to experience the brand of genius that belongs exclusively to Mark Craven. And not just a little bit but in large doses —profoundly. Mark’s words have a mesmerizing transformative power packaged in an everyday use common sense style. His books are a gift to the world. The passion he has for speaking ignites his audiences. Trust me, I’ve seen Craven in passionate-action. Changed my life! And this awesome talent will transform yours, too— Let him!"

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