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About Mark Craven


Mark Craven is the bestselling author of Dads, Kiss Your Sons which has received praise from Kirkus Reviews saying, "It's a call an entire generation of fathers probably needs to hear."


Author and host of the podcast The Breakthrough Code Tom McCarthy writes, "I'm incredibly excited to see Mark's book getting out and helping men express love more freely to their children. The days of the strong, silent male are over! Our kids need to feel loved and accepted and hugs and kisses are one of the best ways to express our love to them. Real men hug and kiss their kids!" 

Mark has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, AP News, and others sharing his powerful story of being raised by a single mother that was racist only to find out that his biological father was a wrestler in the WWE in the 80's (WWF then) and that his father was also black. Mark's message is for dads to embrace emotional transparency and loving relationships with their children—especially their sons.

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“Mark is incredible! He has the most extraordinary outlook on life and such wise perspective. His message is both inspiring and practical and his way with words communicates that in the most approachable way. I highly recommend reading his books and blog and listening to his podcast ‘The Craven Effect’”

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Dr. Gabe, On-Air Psychologist (The Doctors) & Clinical Professor in Neuropsychology at USC

“We all need to experience the brand of genius that belongs exclusively to Mark Craven. And not just a little bit but in large doses —profoundly. Mark’s words have a mesmerizing transformative power packaged in an everyday use common sense style. His books are a gift to the world. The passion he has for speaking ignites his audiences. Trust me, I’ve seen Craven in passionate-action. Changed my life! And this awesome talent will transform yours, too— Let him!"

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