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Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash
Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

Some of the things that I write about are personal and direct experiences from my life. Things that many people would feel uncomfortable sharing with the whole world, but, there is so much power in sharing your experience and your pain as well as your victory and triumph.

Life is not entirely made up of ups, entirely of victories, or entirely of defeats (I know that last one is kind of hard for a lot of you to grasp. I promise you that not only bad things are happening to you all the time unless you believe only bad things are happening to you all the time. I love this quote:”If you change nothing, nothing will change.”)

Life is all of these. They all do in fact come together to create a beautiful outcome if we allow it. As far as writing messages that are personal and often from a past place of brokenness, their intent is not to garner sympathy but rather to inspire growth. As I said, if it didn’t kill you than you grew. My intention is never to write so that people feel sorry for the experiences I’ve endured but rather to reflect on what they have encountered and grasp all that was good from all that was bad.

I knew the blog I posted, “That Was A Mistake”, would get a lot of attention. I did have to fight myself to post it because I kind of didn’t want it to get as much attention as I knew it would.


I knew it would help a lot of people. I knew that my transparency would inspire hope in those that read it. That’s exactly what is happening even as I write this and I’m getting private messages from friends saying how much it helped them. That’s why I wrote it. That’s why I released it for the world to see. That’s why I walked through those flames.

It was never and will never be about me. It is always about the larger picture. Always for the benefit of helping other people. Always for every reason that is completely outside of myself. How selfish I would be if I only allowed me to benefit from my pain. This also does not mean taking all of the stuff you’ve been through and unloading it on every person you meet with no direction.

There is never just pain

The pain has a purpose and if you have yet to find that purpose, the pain has not yet served it’s purpose. This also does not mean to keep your pain bottled inside until you’ve achieved massive success and now you can finally talk about the treacherous valleys that you’ve endured. There will be right moments that you are moved to share your painful experiences. Those moments matter for you and those who have listened.


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