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A Simple Powerful Truth


Were you ever just hit with a really simple truth?

“You’re here for a reason”

That sounds so cliché I almost can’t stand it. But for some reason I let the meaning of those words seep into me and honestly… damn.

I’m here for a reason. That means there’s meaning in what I’m doing and what I’m supposed to do. There are hurting hearts and disillusioned minds that can find something of healing and newness by the thing I feel I’m being called to do.

But it obviously doesn’t stop there. My family and those closest to me need me for a reason. The love I share with them is for a reason if nothing more than the reality of sharing something so beautiful as sharing love with other people.

I’m here for a reason. Reason and purpose are imprints of the footsteps behind me and the footsteps ahead that are still to come.

Your breath, every breath you have taken and will ever take, is inseparable of the truth of the living purpose attached to it.

My little boy smiles at me. Purpose.

I smile at a stranger and they smile back. Purpose.

I hug a close friend and laugh with them. Purpose.

I say something or write something that alters the course of someone’s life. Purpose.

You make a new friend. Purpose.

You share an experience with someone you love and that loves you. Purpose.

You help someone that desperately needed only you to help them. Purpose.

You’re here for a reason. You’re here for a million reasons that you’ll never even realize.

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