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Find Your Gift

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Why should you spend any time looking for and working on your strengths and gifts?

What's the payoff? Why bother?

Because living a life unfulfilled is not living a life at all.

Just walking through each day direction-less, void of aspiration, unknowing of where you might want to go leaves you as a desire-less drifter.

I don't want to be a desire-less drifter. You shouldn't either.

Without walking toward the things screaming within your heart to be seen, you'll find yourself missing a critical component of being human.

As humans, we're meant for pursuit, we're meant to dive into desire, we're meant to be more than we are if we've fallen into not living a life of purpose-filled pursuit.

When our minds feel too heavy to hold and our hearts seem to ache without reason--much of the reason lies within our indifference toward the actions that would lead us closer to our purpose.

So much depends on your heart's fulfillment.

The people around you that you love need you to be the fullest version of yourself--this helps them see that they can be the fullest version of themselves. It's a beautiful rippling effect when we live our lives intentionally and on purpose.

The direction-less drifter disappears and there appears a new man, a new woman that leads their own heart and others' hearts toward a future of hope, joy, fulfillment, and all the good things we hope to have and less of the not so good things we don't hope to have.

It's just that simple; to have a life filled with more of what you innately want and less of what you don't want, live with the intention of pursuing your heart's yearning(s).

Live with the intention of pursuing your heart's yearning(s).

You need to spend some quality time with you and your heart so you can hear what it's saying. Understand the guidance your heart is trying to express to you. You will hear it and you will feel moved to move.

The next step is to move.


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