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Find Yourself Again

Somewhere along the way you got lost


To reconnect with yourself means to remember who you are. Remember what you like. You did like things before you became an adult, you even liked things when you became an adult. But you've neglected those things. You've neglected the things that matter to you for so long, you hardly remember that they ever even existed.

They did exist. They still exist. And your heart still yearns for them.

The side effects of a heart left unheard are all of the things we take medicine and therapies for. Medicine and therapies are needed but this is an incomplete solution. Do those things but along with those things, stop killing your heart.

Killing your heart is done by not listening to it. Not allowing your life to be comprised of the possibilities that your heart quietly whispers to you that come into existence by only your belief in them.

I believed I could be a singer in a band, I believed we would have fans, sign autographs, make music that impacted people. I believed my heart when it told me about that dream and I got to experience the possibility that it spoke of.

I believed my heart when it told me to go to college. What a different direction it was telling me to go compared to the rockstar journey, but I listened and believed what it was saying. Even though I barely made it through High School and couldn't pass a math class to save my life, I listened to this crazy ass message my heart was sending me and inevitably found myself teaching college-level math--totally in love with helping students find their AHA moments.

I can't stress the importance enough of belief here. What your heart tells you to do will often sound like the ramblings of a lunatic--Quit your job, drive across the country, have nothing lined up, just go!

Remember, if those ramblings of lunacy sound crazy to you, imagine what other people will think. So, be mindful of who you share your plans with. It's not your heart's job to convince someone else that you should follow your dreams, and it's not your job either. That's an exhausting and defeating endeavor. There's no better way to kill a dream than enlisting the help of a nonbeliever.

Even though the things your heart is telling you seem crazy, it gives you the direction but adds with that direction a certain peace that you can't describe.Your heart giving you the direction and the peace about the direction but no one else can really understand that because you can barely understand it. You can explain the direction but definitely not the peace. So they'll never fully grasp why you need to do this thing you need to do.

Your heart is going to speak complete fucking nonsense to you. And it's so important to believe that complete fucking nonsense.



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