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Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

This is the 200th blog post I’ve written since 2015 when I started my first website. An average post is around 600 words–sometimes less, sometimes more–which means that I’ve written, so far, an average of 120,000 words. Most novels are about 40,000 words. So that means I’ve written about three books worth of blog content. Not to mention the books that I have written that are separate from the blogs; Choice and Triumph(2016), Be a Hero to Your Heart(2017), Two-Step Success(2018), Karyeator(2019).

I started writing long before I wrote my first blog in 2015. I wrote most of the lyrics for the band that I started with my friends in 2006. We played together until 2010. Before that, I wrote poems, lyrics, and short stories starting around the age of thirteen. I’m pretty sure that I wrote when I was younger than that too but I can’t really remember. I do remember being about thirteen when I realized how much I loved writing. So even though I think I did it before this age, this was when it gripped me with passion and joy and purpose.

I haven’t made a million dollars writing. Actually, I don’t even think I’ve made a thousand. Sounds a little bit like failure. I guess it depends on how we describe it though. What if I gave you five bucks to do your most favorite thing in the world? Even if that thing is to sleep or watch a movie. You’d be pretty pumped.

Here’s five bucks. Go kill that nap, bro!”

Well, it’s kind of the same thing here. Any amount of money that I might make by doing this thing that I love to do and would be doing no matter what, is actually an interesting sort of success. I would love for writing to buy me a house but right now it gets me Starbucks, and that’s pretty damn awesome.

The message here is simple. Find the thing you love to do. Keep doing it until someone pays you to do it. If no one ever pays you for doing what you love, guess what, you still win. Why? Because you’re doing what you love.

I have a feeling, though, that you and I don’t just have these gifts and talents for nothing. They’re worth something and they’ll carry us into a future we desire to live. Just remember that cash value is not the only way to determine the worth of something.

Told you it was simple. Hashtag 200!


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