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Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

Napoleon Hill describes persistence as, “sustained effort in the face of all odds and all adversity.” I mentioned something in yesterday’s blog — Love conquers all.

There is not a single adversity we will ever meet that cannot be destroyed by love.

Love is what causes the trees to grow, the sun to rise, and the clouds to vanish… Love is the only thing that can bring life. Without love there is no life.

All that we do, we have done for the sake of love.

That’s how it’s been and will always be. It’s love that gets us out of bed, it’s love that puts us in hot pursuit of our desires, it’s love that saves us everyday from a darkness that’s pushing desperately to overtake us. It’s love that saves us. Always.

I will welcome every obstacle set in my path because I know I have love and love will allow me to run through any wall that stands before me. Love conquers all.

The heartbeat of persistence is love. Without persistence, we fall into a life of ceaseless want. Without persistence, we cannot push ourselves outside of a life where we are in constant need and into one of incredible abundance.

Why am I the one that always needs prayer? Why am I the one that always needs another’s help? Why am I the broken one?

When will it be my time to give? When will it be my time to pray for someone else? When will it be my time to help someone pick up the pieces of their shattered heart?

The moment I realize that love conquers all.

Some might be thinking love is only synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Carving your name and another’s into a tree with a heart around it. That’s sweet, but way off the mark of what I’m saying.

Love is the reason your heart beats. And the thing that beats within you can save another’s world. The gifts you have are not meant to be equated to parlor tricks… simply a cool little talent for you to say, “Look at me!” Your gift is meant to save a life or lives. Maybe only your own. The word “only” really shouldn’t be used here because every life is significant. Every life touches another. Every life impacts another.

Love is the reason YOU were created. Let that be as simple as it sounds.


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