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A More Important Question to Ask Rather Than What To Do With The Rest Of My Life Is What To Do With

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash
Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

I’m not as concerned with the rest of my life as I am with right now. Right now is where I am. It’s where I’ll always only be. Even ten years from now, I’ll be at right now.

We rack our brains with what the job outlook is with various professions. A million people go to community college to become nurses yet they hate science. Why? Because they’re concerned about something that doesn’t even exist. Later. The only thing that’s real is the fact that they hate science because that is something happening right now.

Education is meant to be difficult. I’m not saying that going after a nursing degree or any degree should be a walk in the park. It should absolutely be opposite of that. And often it is. But it should be a walk on a road you’re interested in. There is no work that you will do better than the work that is in line with your heart. No matter how good the paycheck might be.

If I practice the things that I have strength in now, that will serve my future. Rather than trying to concern myself with picking something that will ensure my satisfaction 40 years from now. If it takes you 40 years to reach happy, you fucked up my friend! I love you, but you gotta reroute you’re thinking.

“I’ve gotta make sure I’m gonna enjoy doing this for the rest of my life.” What if the rest of my life is tonight? If I’m trying something new, I’ll know it’s right because it’s in line with my heart. And that gives me a specific feeling of peace. If I’m torn between what I love and what I think I should do so I’ll be more established 30 or 40 years from now…. I probably don’t need to say it again that that’s a terrible idea. But that’s a terrible idea.

You know what you love. If you don’t, do some exploring. You’ll find it. There is no pressure to know exactly what to do with the rest of your life because that thought is flawed. What are you doing right now? Are you enjoying or exploring what to do right now? If every day feels like a searing fire of anxiety burning through your chest, you’re on the wrong path.

I’m only saying all of this from pure experience and pure moments filled with anxiety when I was forcing myself down a road that I did not belong.


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