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A Sad Story

Photo by Caio Silva on Unsplash

People have been asking me if I’m going to go back to teaching at the college since I’ve moved back to Pittsburgh. For now, the answer is no. I know I have a gift for teaching and I think I can use that gift in other ways right now. Ways like writing these blogs and traveling around speaking with the company I work with. I’m a hell of a teacher so I understand the pull to get me back. “Wow, what a cocky A-hole is probably what you’re thinking.

That’s ok because I want to illustrate a point.

Why is the person aware of their gifts considered arrogant? “Because you’re supposed to be humble, Mark”. Being humble does not mean being hesitant to let your light shine because you don’t want to offend people around you that haven’t spent enough time with themselves to figure out how to turn their own light on. They’d rather you remain dim with them.

Even if they don’t say it, it’s understood so you fear your own light for fear that it will scare off people you love. Let that light explode bright and shoo away all that need not be a part of your life any way! If people didn’t act on the things they knew they were good at with confidence and a firm knowledge that they are fully capable, light bulbs probably wouldn’t exist right now.

Or anything for that matter.

We wouldn’t have Apple products, we wouldn’t have music (because what cocky jerk gets on stage with a spotlight on them in order to showcase their gift… Oh wait! EVERY MUSICIAN EVER!… at least the one’s we’ve heard of.) So, yes, there is a line between cocky and confident but some people are so terrified to exercise confidence that they endeavor to live nothing more than a mediocre and dimmed existence. It really is a tremendously sad story because we have all been destined with something that would be great for our individual lives.

No you don’t have to be rockstar, inventor, or revolutionary to have a great life. You just have to be in tune with your heart and simply willing to make a move on what’s in there.


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