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Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash
Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

I don’t usually write these in a journal-like format, or in a way that chronicles my day. But there were some interesting lessons throughout today.

It started by sleeping in until 8:20 a.m. because I woke up at 6:00 a.m. with a migraine (It’s always a blast to wake up with mind-numbing pain shooting through your head. I love it.) A text on my phone reminded me that I was supposed to meet my Dad at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast. So, I jumped out of bed and got to Pamela’s Diner in record time (Any time Pamela’s is involved, I’ll move mountains… I mean, it’s cool to see my dad too.) Just before I pulled up, I heard a strange noise. I had a flat tire.

The tire waited while I had breakfast (Banana-walnut hotcakes with a side of sausage… Thank you Gwen Stefani for teaching us all how to spell “bananas” by putting it to song. Even though that song sucks.)

After trying a few methods to get air into the tire, including Fix-a-Flat, I called AAA. I had some time to kill, so I decided to walk over and do some work at Starbucks, but then I realized that I was at the maximum time on the parking meter and it wouldn’t let me add more money. So I had to stay with the car after the meter was up so that I wouldn’t get a ticket. I had twenty minutes to run to Starbucks and get back to the car. I made it and I also spilled coffee on myself a few times.

I kept feeling my mind going toward the direction of, “Today sucks.” But, I kept reminding myself that struggles happen to everyone all the time. I’m still going to do the things I have set to do today even though just about everything is going against me.

The tow truck arrived in a pretty timely manner. The driver and I had a fun conversation on our way to the tire place. Apparently he was about to quit his job but decided to pick me up first. I think he cooled down after our ride and decided not to quit. It was also funny because at one point in the conversation he said, “Man, you’re really calm!” I was calm. Your internal self and mind will pull toward that thought of just giving up on the day. But if you remind yourself that you’re not special because you’re walking through some difficulties, you’ll get things done and be happy with what should have been a shitty day’s outcome.

The tire had a huge bolt ripped through it and I got a replacement fairly cheap. Also, those were the tires that had gotten me to California and back and to North Carolina a handful of times since I’ve been back.

When I got home, I cut my head shaving and bled what appeared to be a bit more than normal. After soaking up the blood with a towel and slapping a bandage on it, I was on my way to an appointment with a potential client.

Now most people would have definitely given up by this point and believe me, there was nothing I wanted more than to put on Under Armour sweat pants and do nothing. Success comes when we get ourselves in the habit of doing when we don’t feel like it. I know this principle, so I push myself to do things that I really don’t feel like doing. For instance, being on a StairMaster for forty minutes every day. Not a great time.

I stopped for a coffee before my appointment and had a great conversation with a beautiful girl that I would 100% marry. After that, I made a sale, went home and put on sweat pants.

Adidas, though.

It was a good day.

I defined it as a good day even while it appeared shitty. That’s what today was about.


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