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An Apartment Floor In California

Photo by Vitto Sommella on Unsplash
Photo by Vitto Sommella on Unsplash

I really can’t begin to explain the importance of having great people in your life. If you allow yourself to battle life alone, you will all but succeed. You will succumb to the pain and the pressure of the battle. You will lose your will to fight. You will watch the fire within you fade to nothing. You will watch every dream you’ve ever had crumble. You will watch the sight of your vision go blind. All of this will be reality if you resist the aid of good people.

Some of the things that I’ve walked through have shattered my heart. Completely. But I did not pick up one piece by myself. In moments of my greatest pain there were people that lent me their strength. If I allowed pride to keep me from letting them help, I’d still be laying broken on an apartment floor in California.

I left Los Angeles with 64 cents to my name and a very broken heart. If not for my best friend’s parents putting $500 in my account, I wouldn’t have made it home. When I got home and the battle continued, if I didn’t have people in my life like Ed Soto or Pastor Dave Guinn, the battle would have taken me over.

The only reason I have a fighting spirit is because I have people in my life that have fanned the flames of belief within me. When I wanted nothing more than to give up and quit, they stepped in and told me I could. I could win. I could succeed. I could write a blog that hits people in the feels every day.

Your life depends on the people you have around you.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. The heart of a warrior is filled with the love and belief of people that are around him. Or her.

The one thing you do alone is be brave enough to open up and say you’re sinking.


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