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Been At It For A While

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I wrote these lyrics more than ten years ago:

verse 1

Silence your questions of why,

All you’re to know is what’s inside

Breeding this disease that can only set us…

Distance yourself from loss,

Focus your thoughts on who you are now

Breeding this disease that can only set us free


Our end shall not meet with fall

Into the oblivions we will crawl

verse 2

This ends now, tears and screams before a crowd

Sorrow will have no followers

Do not drown yourself in secrets and shadows

Sever yourself from lies,

Allow the truth to breathe through our lives

Breeding this disease that can only set us free


We won’t allow our dreams, remain unseen

I’ve had this, dreams-are-possible-leave-the-broken-past-behind-and-live-a-life-of-fulfillment mindset for some time. Like I said, these lyrics are more than ten years old. I was a younger writer then, less experienced with life, hadn’t read or studied as much as I have by this point, but I still wrote in a hopeful way.

I wrote this long before I knew who Tony Robbins was. Or Les Brown. Or John Maxwell. But this mindset that they teach is something I’ve been working on and involving myself with for a long time. More than ten years. I also went back to college ten years ago and that’s when I read the first book that would take me on this forever self-development journey that I’m on. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

This shouldn’t discourage you if you’re just recently beginning to realize that life is far more exciting than you’ve allowed it to be. Rather, this should encourage you because you’re starting something brand new and you have your whole life to study and practice it. Yesterday’s blog will help you get your head around wanting to accomplish something huge but enjoying the process to get there.

And if you have been walking in this direction for a long time, like ten or more years, keep journeying forward. There is still so much to learn and put into practice. Not to mention all of the things you’ve forgotten and have to relearn.

I was actually just reading a John Maxwell book and he was talking about the continued studying of the subjects of your particular field. Even when you’re considered the authority on something, you must continue studying it. There is far more that goes into the statement, “your dreams are possible.”

All of our dreams are different. They will require us to study different disciplines in relation to their necessity to thrive. Some of the major things that I study include: psychology, entrepreneurship, business, motivational/inspirational books, leadership, science and several others. These subjects are all related to the swirling desires within my heart.

Studying this stuff is not a burden. It is all incredibly in line with my heart. All you have to do is find the things that bring you to life and dedicate your life to those things.


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