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Book Release 2019

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

It’s pretty hard to believe that I’m coming up on another book release. The craziest part is that it’s at Barnes & Noble.

I always knew I’d write at least one book because my life has been so damn crazy. What I didn’t expect was to have written five books within four years. And having the chance to have a second release event at Barnes & Noble is a huge deal.

Why is it such a huge deal? Because all of my work has been self-published. I don’t have a big New York publishing house behind me. I’d like to have a big New York publishing house behind me, but I don’t.

This whole thing really reminds me of the days of self-promotion when I sang in the band. If we didn’t tell people about the show, no one was coming to the show. If we didn’t sell tickets, we bought the tickets… to our own show. What a life. Paying to play.

I got used to that grind and have carried it over into this arena. Even if I did have Simon & Schuster behind me, I’d still be the one leading my street team.

That’s one of the ways you know you’ve found your passion. You can’t wait to do the work that it will take for it to succeed. You can’t sleep right away at night because new ideas hit you and your heart jumps at the thoughts.

Having just one person tell you what you did moved them in a transformational way transforms you. Because every ounce of work that went into this thing you do was accompanied by incredible passion. You loved and cherished every moment of the process of creating. Even when it was difficult—maybe, especially when it was difficult. Because of all that you put into it, your whole heart, and having someone say to you, “thanks for writing this..” Well, that changes you. It affects you on a profound level and it causes within you an even deeper desire to succeed and continue pushing the boundaries of your heart.

After five books, I can’t wait to have five more (especially since this current book, “Karyeator”, that I’m releasing is BOOK 1 of a 5-book series). I say that because the work of completing these projects is what drives me. The other thing I love is to see people at these signings. Not just see them but, of course, give them huge hugs. So, if you really just need a hug, come to this book release on June 15th. If you buy the book, that’s great too. But the hugs are free. And I’m a damn good hugger. So, I hope to see you there!


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