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Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash
Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Have you ever sat back and wondered where the hell that breakthrough is? You know the one. After you faced the storms and had yourself ripped apart and torn to shreds. After Life used your head as a basketball, made you stumble, made you fall, made you crawl on your broken knees. Every possible circumstance that could have sucked did just that and a little more.

So, where is the breakthrough?

Bankrupt, one rejection after the next from every possible direction until you’ve lost all direction and have no idea where you want to go, where you were going, or even where you’ve been? Ya know, breakthrough. After all of that mess. Where is it? When depression bites so deep you can’t breathe and anxiety pushes your crushed chest even further down.


It’s there.

It’s actually there in all of that mess. You’re getting where you need to be by the process of being broken. Sucks, huh? I know. Well, what if I’m wrong? What if there really isn’t breakthrough through all of that mess? What if it’s all a mess for the sake of being a mess?

The only real way to find out is to keep going. If you and I keep going, there is some hope in the possibility that there is breakthrough through of all of that mess. And maybe we can end up being somewhere better than where we’ve been.

Or maybe it just always sucks all the time. Then in that case, what’s the point? There is none. There would never have been. But there is a point. There is a purpose to keep pushing toward pursuit. Your heart is only broken for a little while. There’s eventually something better coming. At least I fucking hope so.


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