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Catch Your Breath

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

I was flying back from a conference in Atlanta this past weekend and while on the flight, a thought occurred to me. Why do you think they suggest to secure your oxygen mask before assisting someone else? … The answer is profound. You can’t help someone else breathe, if you can’t breathe. This is why we gain education. This is why we strive. This is why we become disciplined in a practice that will shape us into something more and something stronger. We build ourselves into mighty, powerful, connected men and women, so that we can then help build those around us into people of strength and security.


I believe we can glimpse Eden in this life, but once we do we must show others the way.


Simply, I am a man. I am in constant growing pains as I strain and stretch into something more than I was. I am comfortable in my un-comfort. I am fully aware when I can not see a thing. And I am at ease during the tumultuous. Any thoughts that attempt to tell me otherwise, are lies. Lies are not something I can fit into my schedule of change. Because lies want to keep you focused on the schedule of same and not the schedule of change.

May I constantly stay the same… focused, on my schedule of change.


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