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Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Is change really something we believe can take hold in someone’s life? More importantly, is it something we believe can take hold in our own lives?

I mean true change. Our persons, who we are, or who we believe we are, actually altered into something different. Thinking different, feeling different, believing different. Is it possible to become a new person when we’ve known ourselves in some way for so long?

I was listening to a speaker yesterday and he said something very simple but hugely profound. He was explaining how people go into medical school and come out as doctors. How does it happen? By what they’re consistently feeding their minds by way of studying and being around other doctors. People are not just born into who they can become.

It’s sort of like genetic expression. Genes, which determine who we are physically, have to have some form of outside influence to be switched on. Organisms can’t become what they can become without genes being expressed (switched on).

There are different things that cause genes to express, one being the outside environment in which a particular organism exists. The particular organism I’d like to talk about today, is us. And the particular gene that can potentially be expressed is change. Now, please know that not all genes being expressed are good things. The wrong genetic expression can cause neoplasms, which are abnormal growths, often referred to as cancer.

This is interesting. Certain outside influence can cause me to either become taller or, create something worse.

This same principle holds true for the change we desire to create in our lives. By the things we read, speak out loud, and study, those are the things we will become. If the things in our environment that we expose ourselves to, we deem as good, that same thing will be expressed within our person.

God is pretty big in the change business as well. If that’s something you’ve experienced, you understand that supernatural change can also occur. Completely out of “nowhere”, we’re completely renewed. If that’s not something you’ve experienced, I pray that you do.

Whoa… God and Science in the same blog. You never know where I’m gonna go with these things. The real fun part… neither do I!


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