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Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash
Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash

Lets be real, sometimes it can be hard to see the silver lining in every situation. Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it sucks for no real apparent reason. There really isn’t a situation that you’re dealing with. You’re not sprawled out with a broken jaw or ripped apart from tumbling down a mountain. But you also don’t feel like you’re standing on top of a mountain or even the satisfaction that you’re currently scaling a mountain. Some days fill you with anxiety and depression. There are moments that you throw your hands in the air and think, “Can I just get off this ride? … I’m way over it.”

That’s just the reality of life. Every day is not a perpetual incline to the heights of outrageous joy. Some days feel like a plateau. Some days feel like a rapid decline into an abyss of… “Will I ever not be miserable?”… “Will I ever not be angry?”… “Will I ever just be… happy?” And on your darkest of days, even if there was no situational circumstance that brought you to this dismal feeling, some very heavy thoughts can roll through.

A great problem here is that people think they’re alone, an island, a strange entity that solely experiences these ineffable thoughts. That’s one of depression’s strengths; it pulls you into the belief that you’re uniquely alone. You’re fighting a battle with shadows that you know don’t exist but seem to have the power to overtake your heart with darkness.

People put a lot of pressure on themselves to pull themselves out of this quicksand-like state, but that pressure only makes escape from the quicksand worse. You start to have thoughts of, “Why do I feel like this?… How do I stop this?… I HAVE to get out of this feeling.” If we simply allow ourselves to feel these winds of inexplicable sorrow pass across us without the attachment of how terrible it is and replace that with an attachment of, “it is,” then the quicksand effect doesn’t really take effect.

There’s only a single thought that can help you on those days. Just one small, almost insignificant, belief. Belief is an important word here because you have to mix the emotion and feeling of belief with this small thought.

What’s the thought?…

It’s possible that things will get better.


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