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Conditionally Happy

Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash
Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash

I’ll be happy if all of the conditions of my life meet the standard I’ve set in order to allow myself the luxury of feeling happy. If the bills have all been paid and I have money left over, if I have the job I love and don’t hate, if I’m in relationship with the perfect person, if I’ve achieved every dream I’ve ever had, if my kids are themselves happy, pleasant, and self-sufficient, if, if, if…

What an endless list and journey to reach the destination of being happy that you and I can achieve right now by simply deciding to do so.

“So, just decide to be happy even though things in my life are not how I wish them to be?”


Just decide to be happy. Not all in your life is bad or as bad as you may believe it to be. I can guarantee that you can find at least one thing to be thankful for. Now say it out loud.

“I’m thankful for…”

If your answer was, “nothing”, quit being so cynical and holding on to your joylessness and unhappiness as if it were some precious jewel that you can’t live without.

Believe it or not, you can live happy.

Remember how I asked you to say something you’re grateful for? Do it again. Say it out loud again. Now, think of something else. Are you able to read this text? That’s something to find gratitude in.

Have you ever found yourself in an experience that was calm, peaceful, serene. A moment you never wanted to leave? Quiet your mind and your surroundings, and think back to that place.

Take some time everyday to reflect out loud a small or large list of things you’re grateful for and think of those places or moments in your life that you’d felt complete lightness and peace.

Spend more of your time here and less with the list listed at the start of this blog, and you’ll find yourself happy.

And if all of those things are happening, or one of those things, or none of those things, be thankful for all of them right now as if they were all currently happening. Not in the relationship you want? Be thankful for the relationship you want as if you were already in it. Say it out loud that you’re CURRENTLY thankful for the thing that at this precise moment has not yet come to pass but find gratitude for it as if it had. The same practice applies to jobs and dreams. You will think and gratitude them all into existence.

Gratitude the life you want into existence. I have 🙂


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