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Photo by Shahzin Shajid on Unsplash
Photo by Shahzin Shajid on Unsplash

This is the breeding ground for discomfort and anxiety. This hesitant, no-side-of-the-fence place. This place where decisions never seem to be made. Should I do this? Should I do that? Should I start this business? Go back to school? Finish school? End this relationship? Begin a relationship? …. We can sit in this purgatory of decision for a very long time. Long enough that our lives and the opportunities to live better lives just pass before our eyes because we remain decision-less.

We’re pliable creatures. We can make decisions that are not the best for us and then rework those decisions into things that do work for us. Often, we have to discover what doesn’t work in order to find what does. But before we can even make a wrong move we have to make a move.

Swamped in scenario. We play out every possibility that can possibly happen. Over… And over… And over… All in the attempt to avoid decision.

I’m alive and I’m here so I might as well do it. Do what? Everything I can to make my life memorable. I might as well make terrible decisions. I might as well make great decisions. I might as well make decisions. Without deciding to do anything, I’ll sit among nothing.

I’m a writer, a speaker, a teacher, a published author, a college graduate, and a business owner… Those are decisions I made to pursue accomplishments… I’m also a friend, compassionate, joy-filled, purpose-driven, a believer, and in love with the thought of where Life can take me… Those are decisions I’ve made to pursue life.


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