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Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash
Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

Inspired thoughts are often whispered to us. You can say the whispering comes from God, Life, the Universe, whatever title you choose, you realize that this flickering flame of an idea came almost out of no where. These thoughts carry with them a touch enough of energy to get you moving on something, if you take advantage of it. The more you’re actionably working on your gifts and talents, the more often the whispering will occur. It’s our job to pay attention to it and move as immediately as it appeared.

These great ideas seem to materialize out of thin air and if we don’t write them down, they’ll turn back into vapor and dissipate into stardust. They form into thought-matter just long enough for us to grab them, but if we’re not quick, they’re gone. And obviously, I probably shouldn’t have to tell you that they come at both convenient times and inconvenient times, like when you’re laying in bed asleep at 3:00a.m. Do you really want to roll over, turn on the bright screen of your iPhone, become momentarily blinded, find enough cognizance to type the thought out, and keep typing if the thought is longer than a sentence, like maybe the Universe just downloaded an entire novel to you at three o’ clock in the morning.

You might think, “That’s an awesome idea! I’ll definitely remember this in the morning…” It’s possible you will, but unlikely. Paulo Coelho wrote, “..when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ​This means that when you have a deep desire to achieve some end, the Universe will assist you in achieving that end. The desire you have was placed there by the Universe, so why wouldn’t there be some supernatural assistance in helping you accomplish the thing that is naturally a part of you? But you have to take the responsibility of responding when that inspired thought is whispered to you.

This same thing happened to me only a couple of days ago. I was in the shower and boom! Inspired thought for a blog. I decided to write it all out when I got to the coffee shop where I was meeting a friend. I never wrote it and I’ve been trying to remember what it was since it occurred but alas, it returned to the stars. However, if you really pay attention to that whispering, lost inspiration can inspire something new. That thought may be gone, but because of that experience I realized how important it is to move fast when something occurs to your creative imagination.

Isn’t it funny that something as simple as laziness and procrastination can stab our dreams right in the heart? Actually, it’s very tragic.

Fight laziness, fight procrastination. Get in the habit of doing things immediately. When you think, “I should send that email.” Send it as soon as the thought occurs. When you think, “I should take this trash out.” Take the trash out… You thought I was gonna keep these ideas lofty, but achieving marvelous ends begins with training ourselves to be disciplined in following through with the decisions we’re making. To discipline ourselves to actually MAKE decisions. And it’s the decisions regarding all things, from vacuuming to writing a symphony. Get yourself used to making and moving on small decisions, then the big ones will become more achievable. And you’ll actually do them.


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