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Doubt-Determined Decisions

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash
Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

Why do we let doubt have so much say in the decisions we make? Doubt is defined as lack of conviction. When we have conviction, we have a firm belief in something. A belief that is practically immovable and unshakeable. Can something as absolute as immovable belief exist in life? Of course. I have immovable belief that I cannot breathe under water. Immovable belief that if I’m thirsty and drink water, it will quench my thirst more efficiently than drinking soda or eating sand. I even have immovable belief that when I hit the pedal on the left, my car will stop. So where is my immovable belief that I can be the architect and establish the design of a life that I find to be beautiful?

Little doubt exists when I’m swimming as to whether or not I can just stay under water for hours without coming up for air. Actually, no doubt exists. I need air. That same level of confidence should endure when I decide I’d like to be a writer, or I’d like to travel, or I’d like to teach, or I’d like to… I’d like to… I’d like to…

A life lived of unfulfilled passions, dreams, and spectacular movement is a life lived underwater, when you’re not given the biological necessity to do so. “What you’re saying is, I’m drowning slowly every day that I live without singing this song in my heart.” … Wrong. You’re drowning rapidly every day that you let those things remain within your heart. Their weight pulls you further and further below the surface. With everything that you let out of your heart, you get lighter until you reach the surface and can finally, truly breathe. Eventually you become so light, that you feel like you’re flying… actually you are.

Only one thing will affect the cause within us to remain sinking further below the surface. Doubt.

That’s kind of a relief actually. I only have to overcome this one thing to do what I’ve been designed to do. The things I have within myself can bloom fully as long as I decide to do in the presence of doubt.

I can do that.


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