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Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash

Our very lives depend on us listening to our hearts. Can we live, as humans, without hearts? The heart pumps life through our bodies. Left and right ventricles. The chambers of the heart ever churning to keep us alive. Our hearts are pretty important in order for us to keep on living. But the heart holds another purpose, aside from delivering the correctly oxygenated and deoxygenated blood to and from the living tissues of the body. Our hearts nudge us in the direction of a life that makes it’s life a little easier. The heart’s life a little easier, I mean. Did you know that in only one year, our hearts can beat more than 42 million times! Have you ever done ANYTHING 42 million times in a row?! No way!

When we are stressed, especially over an extended period of time, we can experience something called tachycardia, where our hearts are beating even faster. Wait… faster than 42 million times in a year?! Yep. I would say that our hearts are working hard enough to maintain that number. I don’t think we really need to add to it. Our hearts tell us the things that we should do in order to have better and more exciting lives. When we are living within lives of adventure, intrigue, discovery, RISK, and growth, our hearts are healthier.

We are healthier. We are the ever-elusive “happier.”

We are not bogged down with thoughts of pure aggression and disdain toward the jobs we work and hate. All of those aggressive thoughts day in and day out lead us to a place of chronic stress and anxiety. This stuff has affects on many other parts of our health but the heart, as mentioned is pretty important if you’re interested in living past 50. Your brain is important too and strokes have a strong correlation with stress and anxiety.

You know what your heart is telling you to do; and it may not be to quit your job. You may be working a job or in a career that you love! And that is great! But even at this level of achievement, in doing something daily that you don’t hate and likely love, you still need to look for the things within your heart that want to manifest in your life. Maybe you need to spend more time hiking, reading, even watching more movies! Find the things in your life that you love, and do them! The end.


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