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Echoed Teaching

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

“Hasn’t everything you’re saying already been said?” Yes. There is nothing original, really. What I’m saying is getting to someone that the two million people before me who spoke it didn’t get to. It’s my unique perspective and my unique way of communicating an ancient truth that defines its newness. It’s like a type of tradition that is passed on through generations. The teachings have been around for generations but they sound new to a new generation because the speaker of the old truth is new.

The definition of teaching is to show and explain a concept to someone. Can you imagine if the fire of teaching didn’t continue to flow from generation to generation? How much would be forgotten? How much would be lost? How many people would just not know what the hell to do with themselves if not for sound teaching?

Many of my fellow speakers, readers and teachers sometimes question whether or not they should continue forward in sharing the knowledge and wisdom that they have acquired.

A discouraging thought hits them… “Don’t you think people have heard to follow your dreams… Don’t you think everyone knows everything that you could possibly say… Don’t you… Don’t you… Don’t you…”

Doesn’t it just suck sometimes to have this human mind that is open to so many things that are purely aimed at our destruction? The destruction of our hearts. The destruction of our passions. The destruction of the teachings we are called to teach. I mean, thoughts that creep in your mind like, “Mark… do you really think you have what it takes to share something everyday in this blog format? What makes you think you have something to say?” …

It’s so purely obvious that this thought isn’t from me that I almost laugh out loud at it. How do you combat the doubt you have when it comes to doing what you know you need to do? The answer is so simple it might knock you over…

Do it.


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