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Failure is My Cup of Tea

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash
Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

Now, I’m more of a coffee drinker myself, but my point is that I always welcome failure. As Churchill said, “Success is not final and failure is not fatal”. People often run, hide, give up, or never even start because of that oh-so-constant reminder that they will likely fail. I’m writing this to encourage you and tell you, that you will fail! It is inevitable if you are to attempt anything worth your while. There is something important you should be doing that only you and your heart are aware of. And if you desire for that awareness to breathe life, then you must prepare yourself to fail.

Expect to be let down, expect road blocks, expect your beautiful idea, that in theory is fool-proof but in practice is anything but, to be just that; flawed and human. If nobody failed nobody would succeed, without darkness there is no light, without ying there is no yang; these are all very obvious analogies and everyone can easily get behind them. It is, however, when failure and losing hits too close to home that we forget about these truths.

It is so important that we expect to fail, but more importantly not to let that get in the way of expecting to succeed. What I am trying to convey is, don’t forget to expect to succeed. Let me say that again slower; don’t forget… to expect… to succeed. Remembering that you do, indeed, have a beautiful idea, a wonderful thought, that is only yours is something worth your while. What good thing might you keep from the world if you never give that idea life? If you never give that idea a chance? If you never give that idea a chance to succeed but more importantly, a chance for that idea to fail.


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