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Following The Right Leader

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash
Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash

Poor training, disengaged with themselves and the ones around them, and clawing for the next rung on the ladder; following someone else with the same or worse characteristics. This is what management looks like in most daily experiences.

The reason it looks like this is because everyone is an employee, and no one takes charge of the passion that can be associated with their position. Employee-mentality is thinking someone else will always clear up things that are too big. It’s not your business so it’s not your problem. There is really no need or pull to pour into someone below you, someone essentially just an underclassmen at the job. Most of the time, those that have fallen into this have ceased pouring into themselves anyway. They’re stagnant in their minds and lives, so what is there to pour into anyone else?

When you’re passionate about the work you’re doing, you’re soaking up as much information as you can through reading, conferences, audios, associating with people like-minded and like-destined… this is what it looks like to pour into yourself. If you hate what you’re doing you’re not gonna be doing any of these things. Unless your boss tells you that you have to. Then you’re really not going to absorb anything of value to the position.

With thinking like an employee, you’re attributing where you are to someone else. “Thank God this person hired me and put me here…” Really, you put yourself there but there is no real ownership of that thought.

Thinking that I’ll just go to school, get my degree, and someone will give me a good job… I’ve literally sacrificed my future and any part of a life I’ve been destined to live to, “Hope this works out!” I haven’t taken ownership of where I will be. It’s a crap-shoot. I’ll get a degree and maybe something will come up… hopefully I don’t hate it.

This is why so many people in “leadership” positions are anything but leaders. At least, leaders of where they are. You can’t lead if you’ll hate where you’ll be, especially when you already hate where you’re at. Many people have come into jobs that are completely out of line with who they are… this is a really simple concept; if you hate people and suck with people, do as little as you can to get yourself in a position where you have to work with people. And if you find yourself having to “lead” people, good luck. Especially if you hate them.

The formula for a good life is NOT:

College Degree + Job = Happiness

If there were a simple formula for a good life, it would look more like:

Passions That Catch Your Heart On FIre + Acting On Those Passions = Much More Joy Than Doing Something You Hate

Obviously college falls into that category of things you love and the job following the degree can be in line with acting on those passions. You’ve also got to try new things and see if there’s some uncovered passions in your heart that you didn’t know were there. But you also have to have the balls to admit when you’re not enjoying something, no matter how “great of an opportunity” it might be.

Leadership is not acquired by a cute saying on a coffee mug you got on Boss’s Day.

Leadership happens when you’re following a vision that’s in line with your heart.


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