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Habitual Thinking & Response

Photo by Luis Vidal on Unsplash

I NEVER feel like going to the gym. I go to the gym everyday. For this part of my life that I know and understand to be so vital, I’ve tapped into the power that lies within habit. Going to the gym and maintaining that physical exertion is as natural to my day as taking a shower or eating lunch. I never miss a shower and I definitely never miss lunch… ok, maybe I don’t shower EVERYDAY… that leads me to another point.

There are times that I’ve missed a shower in a day because I’m too tired or honestly just too damn lazy to make it happen (this doesn’t happen all that often, but it does happen). Even though there are moments in my average daily living that I miss this rather important aspect, if you were to ask me, “Do you shower everyday?” My response would be, without hesitation, “Clearly. Yes. Of course.” But you just said you don’t shower everyday. Yes I agree but my mind will always and naturally say yes I shower every day because that’s been my habit since birth. So I am much more prone to take a shower every day than not take a shower because it’s the natural direction my mind is always leading me…

I may not have to unpack this further as most of you smart people that read have already found the correlate in this message between showering and gym-ing 🙂 …but I’ll still unpack more… if you asked me, “Do you go to the gym everyday?” My response would be, “Yes, of course.” … even though there are some days that I miss for myriad reasons like, busyness, forgetfulness, or just plain laziness. But every day my mind will naturally pull me in the direction of the thing I naturally do every day, even if there are few inconsistencies in that schedule.

Every day my mind will naturally pull me in the direction of going to the gym. Now take this little secret power of habit and habitual thinking and response and apply it to your work and your mission. Apply it to any one thing that you know you have to do in your life to make you more awesome.


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