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How Much Time Have You Got?

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

What if we all knew when our expiration date was? What if I knew exactly how many days, hours, and minutes I had left until GAME OVER.

Would I play the game differently? Would I be more cautious or more crazy? Well I can say this… we don’t know our exact expiration date but we do know there definitely is an expiration date. Shouldn’t that be enough to wake us up? “Wake me up from what, Craven?” To the fact that you’re not immortal. No matter how cool or how indifferent you try to play it, there are some things you know you really want to do so why not do it?

You don’t have unlimited time… I think I should say that again in caps and bold….


If I’m starting to create a sense of urgency in you to get off your ass and make some moves, good 🙂 because you don’t have the amount of time that you, for some reason, think you have. That doesn’t mean, “well I wasted a ton of time already… guess I’m screwed“… No no no… life is often paradoxical. Meaning! You have no time! But at the same time, you have plenty of time. If I’m sounding crazy, excellent! You have no time only enough time to do exactly what you’ve been given the time to do…

I just blew my own mind with that. I’m done. Go do something.


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