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How The Hell Did I Get To The Top Of This Mountain…

Photo by Brad Barmore on Unsplash

People don’t just happen to appear at the top of a mountain. They have to scale it first. That takes intention. You don’t just roll out of bed and see a Ph.D. sitting on your nightstand unless you busted your back for years on top of years to obtain it. Again, this takes intention. The only problem is that intention is something that I have to make up in my mind. And sometimes my mind sucks.

And it thinks of all these stupid things that it shouldn’t think about. Things like, “maybe I’m not smart enough… maybe I’m not good-looking enough (that’s obviously a lie)… maybe this works for someone else but not me…” All this garbage. This post is dedicated to one of those crazy a** thoughts that are grounded in crazy. Something that I often struggle with is having thoughts that encourage a scarcity mentality.

Thinking in a way of there not being enough money in the world for me to also achieve wealth. Of course if my thinking is that I won’t achieve wealth, the end result will be that I don’t achieve wealth no matter how much time, energy or talent I put into something. I will not achieve wealth with a mindset of lack. It just won’t happen. I’ve attached two links of articles in this post

Link 2: ) that I think will help you and I both with overcoming this foolish mindset.

Yes it’s foolish to think that you can’t achieve wealth because there is not enough out there. Something great I read in one of the attached links is this: if you and I are walking down the road and we are both breathing oxygen which we need to survive, will you or I be concerned that there’s not enough for both of us? No. The thought won’t even cross our minds.

Now if we’re both scuba diving and my O2 (that’s oxygen… learning some Chemistry today!) tank runs low and I need to use some of your’s, then we might get concerned of whether or not there is enough for both of us. So, is a life of wealth more like a walk without thought of there not being enough or a strange scuba diving event in which there really may not be enough.

Your mind is NATURALLY negative. It will always, on its own without your influence(influence is such a key word there… don’t miss it’s importance), tend toward the negative. The answer is, a life of wealth is like a walk without worry of there being enough. But your mind, again, without your influence, will move toward the other story. So! In order to put yourself in a position to attract wealth, you have to do things, like read the right stuff and listen to the right audios, that bring thoughts of positive influence into your mind.

There is enough. The end.


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