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Photo by Anuja Mary Tilj on Unsplash
Photo by Anuja Mary Tilj on Unsplash

I have to admit, lately I’ve linked being truly successful with only one reality. That of being financially free. Success is not predicated solely on your socioeconomic status. This is not my admonition that money is bad or that I want to now live a minimalist existence. And I’m not hating on the minimalist. But what this is, is an admonition that I am successful, I have been successful and I am walking into even more success. My definition of success is not one-fold, it is, as it should be, manyfold. I wrote a note to myself the other day that said, “write a victory list so you don’t believe yourself to be victory-less.

I am so guilty of chasing the next big thing and ignoring the big things I’ve already accomplished. Some call it ambition, some call it never-satisfied, some think both are good, some think both are bad. I think they’re both bad and good. I think they need equal attention from both perspectives. I’m thankful for my incredibly ambitious spirit, but I’m also forcing myself to slow down and look at what that ambition has brought me so far.

I’ve written books, performed music, spoken to audiences, built life-long/eternity-long relationships, I can afford coffee, I’ve read great books, I write blogs, host a podcast, created my own websites, finished a university degree…

It’s my vow to maintain focus on that which I have, which is a lot, as opposed to solely what I lack, which is little.

Sometimes, all the time, you have to remind yourself that you don’t suck. And you especially don’t suck because you don’t drive a Tesla yet or if you do, because you don’t drive two. You can only drive one Tesla at a time anyway, so breathe.


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