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I Don't Know What To Write About...

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Life is kind of funny. I spent the majority of today working on a new site that is sort of a complement to this site. I’ve been looking for ways to monetize the work that I do with writing blogs and maintaining a website. (Monetize means making money. ) Yes, I write because it’s truly something that explodes in my heart for expression and I love that my writing has positive impact on those that have reached out to me to tell me so. That right there is in fact the reason I have the gift. But. I gotta eat.

My goal is to in fact establish writing these blogs as one of several streams of income. And write about my experiences so that you know how to do the same or similar things. If I never made money for my writing, I would still write. It’s part of who I am. But if I can create a way to get paid for doing this thing that I love to do, then boom! Sign me up. Don’t be afraid to make money for doing what you love to do. That’s called living your dream.

Before I discovered the site that I’m using to achieve said goal of monetization of content, I was using something else. What I used populated ads on my website and would redirect the user (you) to completely different websites. You would have to fight to get back to my page.

So, that idea was out.

I didn’t know where these ads were actually coming from or where they were taking me. A good friend who knows more about the internet than me introduced me to this other option. (There’s a good lesson here in being teachable and coachable. You’re never too smart to learn. Even if you write blogs.) Basically if the reader wants, they can support the work I do directly.

It’s pretty cool because with supporting the content that I create, you get access to things that I don’t release on this website like extended blog posts, separate weekly blogs, videos and other stuff. It puts pressure on me to create more content and that’s why I find it incredibly so the Universe that I would create a website like this that’s going to push me further and demand more creative expression…

And the night that it’s launched… I have writers block… Goodnight everybody!

Click here to just check out the site that I’m talking about. Love you guys!


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