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I Love Writing

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Let me be crystal clear with one thing. I love writing. I love the impact my words have on people and myself. I love it more than I can describe, but I’m still gonna try 😉

I think about it constantly. What will I write tomorrow? Who will this hit? Man, this is some stuff right here! Oooooooo I can’t wait until they read this one!

My energy raises daily by doing this. Every day I I feel and experience the truest joy because I’m doing something that’s truest in me.

I. Love. Writing.

I love it so much and know I was born for it. I know that I’m gifted. I know my words lifted me from the darkest pits of despair.

When I was a kid and overtaken by sadness, wrestling depression, being acquainted with anxiety, words I wrote are what set me free, helped me see I could be more than what I had seen in that moment of broken.

Nothing works all of this hurts so bad, I’m always so mad but the gift that I got helps me stand up inside. Gives me some pride and lets it be ok that I’m me. It lets it be ok that I’m me. It lets it be ok that I’m me.

The way that it’s crafted is magic. I don’t even know where the words are coming from, must be far away, must be from above.

I am in love with writing. In love with my writing. In love with my impact.

Find what does that to you. And you do it too.


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