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I'm Pretty

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

I meet people pretty often that have read my writing, either my blog or books, and they’ll say, “I would have never known that you had insecurities or fought depression.” First, I thank them for the compliment because they say it in a way that makes me think that they think I’ve somehow got it together or that I’m just so pretty that it’s impossible to think I have insecurities. I mean, I am pretty but I don’t always think so 😉

By the way, the thing about confidence is that too few of us exercise it and we definitely don’t exercise it in public or enough. I just said I’m pretty. Probably pissed someone off. But we all need to recognize that we’re all so beautiful in SO MANY WAYS that it really is crazy. I don’t care how much you weigh or how much acne you have, you’re beautiful. You’re alive. And you’re beautiful.

We have to believe that we really do have all that it takes to do the things we want to do. Like writing a blog every day that holds some value. And believe that it holds value. There’s that exercising confidence thing again.

The other part that I want to spotlight is the importance of being transparent as people. Remember, life is a paradox and things are in constant duality. Stillness and movement, light and dark all exist in the company of the other. All of these things exist at the same time. This means showing all of yourself while still not exposing everything. There are encounters you have with folks that will call on you to remember and share the brokenness you once knew, but these same encounters will call on you to explain the strength and wholeness that resides within you as well. No one wants to hear your sob story. They wanna hear your real story.

Do not shy away from how awesome you really are. And especially don’t shy away from showing everyone how awesome you are. Your awesome-ness isn’t just for you. Stop being so damn selfish. 🙂


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