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I Need Your Story To Help My Hope

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash
Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

Every one of us has a story to tell and strength to share with that story. People get too caught up on the story to tell and forget about the strength to share. He did this, she did this. Life was so bad here for this reason… OK, good. That’s part of the story. That’s not all of the story. And if at the moment, it is all of the story, the story isn’t over yet. That chapter is still being written. Your pain is still working on providing you it’s end purpose. You haven’t yet seen the pain’s purpose. Maybe you’re still standing in the rain waiting for the storm to pass which it will. But if the storm has passed and you’re only talking about the rain and not the sun that came next, you need to expand the narrative.

We can all relate to your pain. But we all have hope for the hope that your story hopefully brings. I need that hope to tie to my current brokenness to give me strength to get through my current brokenness. That’s the strength part that I as the listener desperately need you to share.

You’re story is so important because I can relate to your brokenness but I need to know the whole story and I need to know that there is something more than just the pain. Because of this extreme heartache, I learned to love better. Because of the lies thrown at me, I learned the immeasurable value of honesty and truth. Whatever it was that your brokenness brought you, I NEED to hear it because your story will help my hope. Without hope there is nothing. All is dark. The world is void. And when I am walking through incredible pain, my hope needs some help. That’s where your story of strength enters in.


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