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If You Do Not Believe It, You Will Never See It

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash
Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

I’ve talked about gratitude before. It’s important to look around at the things you have and be thankful for them. From your family to your car to your shoes. Everything. Yes, even adversity.

The next level of gratitude is to be thankful for the things you’re still hoping for but that you do not yet have. To see amazing things happen in our lives, we have to first visualize them. It takes more than just a hopeful thought or a wish. It takes the action of actually seeing yourself in possession of the thing you’re desiring and feeling gratitude for that thing. Mixing emotion with the thought of what we want and where we desire to see ourselves will bring that thought into the open reality.

“Advanced thankfulness and gratitude will yield the desires of your heart. I’m thanking God right now for everything I have that I haven’t even gotten yet.” – Me

l’m so thankful for my Tesla. I’m so thankful that my books are New York Times bestsellers. I’m so thankful for opening Craven Book Cellars Cafe and Craven Institute. I’m thankful and out of my mind excited about having launched my nonprofit, 21 Meals.

These things that I’ve mentioned have not transcended thought to become physical reality as of yet. But they are real and solid things that exist in my mind.

Cars, planes, light bulbs, radios, telephones, Disney World… these are all things that are common now. At one time, none of them existed but in the mind of their creators. A place where only a single person was able to see them. One thing brought them out of the recesses of that person’s mind and into our known reality. Bravery. People that are brave enough to appear insane have done things that have brought incredible to our daily lives.

In a few years people will be saying, “Man, I’m so glad for Craven Institute.” And I’ll be saying,”This Tesla is amazing.” I‘m already saying it.

Successful people are not afraid to look insane.

When something good is happening, stop saying, “This is too good to be true… This can’t be happening to me…” Shhhhhhh!!!! Stop saying that! Instead think and say, “Yep! This makes perfect sense! I am exactly the person this should be happening to!”

Stop expecting your life to be terrible! Your life will be terrible!


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