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If You Win Your Morning, You’ve Won The Day

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

All of your day’s potential power lies in the first couple hours of when you wake up. If you get yourself up rather than hit snooze for those first couple hours.

That’s one of the powerful points in the morning. Getting up when you say you will. That small, seemingly minuscule acts plays huge on your character. Your character is determined by doing what you say you’ll do and following through when no one is around to see if you’re actually doing it. When you say you’re going to do something and you let yourself slide, you bury a seed of guilt into your subconscious and conscious awareness. Starting your day with guilt prepares your mind to welcome letdown and defeat for the rest of your day. Not only welcoming it, but expecting it. Thus ensuring it will happen.

Now that you’ve set the alarm and shot up when it went off, you’ve started a chain of events that is priming your day to be one of accomplishment and likely fulfillment. There’s no greater sense than that of fulfilled accomplishment.

When you’ve given yourself time enough in the morning to come to your senses rather than running around senseless, you’re entering into your day with a calmer and more prepared mind. Rather than fixing make-up in the car , spilling hurried coffee on your tie, and snapping at the kids to go faster, your movement is a little more centered and intentional. Your thoughts become more centered and intentional. You become more centered and intentional.

There are things awaiting in the day ahead that you do not FEEL like doing but if you’re morning has things in it that you do feel like doing, things that encourage a calm mind and a settled heart, those things later in the day will be met with far less resistance.

Reading and meditating (prayer), acknowledging those many things in your life that are worthy of gratitude, writing a small list of goals that are positive and written in a way as if they are already in existence (i.e. “I give $1,000 in charity per month. All of my debts are paid. I drive a Tesla”), and having the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had will set you up to have a day that doesn’t suck.


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