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Impossible Achieved

Photo by Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash

We have to be somewhat realistic with our dreams. Meaning, we have to realize that life keeps on being life even if we’ve achieved the massive goals we’ve set for ourselves. (I didn’t mean realistic as in certain dreams are too big. Look as crazy as possible when you run after your heart. That will always be my advice.)

I think what we tend to do is envision some huge goal that we believe will hold all of our peace and all of the answers to all of the things we’ve ever questioned. The goal is so big that a small part of us believes we won’t actually even get there. Especially when we’ve tethered the goal to some Eden-like, Heaven-on-Earth, Never-Expereince-Pain-Ever-Again-Especially-Depression-Lonliness-Or-Anxiety, euphoric fantasia.

Sounds a little intense and overboard but that’s how many of us big goal setters believe our lives will be once we’ve achieved certain things. That’s what I thought when I moved to California. Which ultimately became one of the biggest kicks in the pants I’ve ever received. And at the exact same time, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life when a dream became reality.

Life is never a fairytale experience. Even when our fairytale fantasy breathes life.

Life is still life and life will continue to be life even when we’re living a life we always dreamed of living.

I remember saying either in a post or a book I was writing (kinda bad that I can’t remember haha) that Life is going to punch me in the throat whether I’m living a life I love or a life that I hate. I might as well live one that I love when those momentary throat-punches show up. I may not remember where I wrote that but I do remember where I was when I thought of it. I was standing with my feet in the sand on Laguna Beach in Southern California. The very spot I had always dreamed to one day live on that one day that I had finally lived there. Along with the throat punches and being kicked in the pants.

We can’t hold the belief that when we have actually accomplished our dream that life is going to take on such a drastic change that we no longer get an upset stomach or a broken heart. With the knowledge that life does not become void of pain once we’re living in a way that’s attached to the things in our heart, how many of us are allowed to now say that we are actually living our dreams? How many of us can sit back and say… Wait a minute? I did it. I did what I set out to do. But I’m still the same human I was going into it?… Yeah. You are still the same human with the same human problems that all humans will experience always.

But you have done and continue to do things that not all humans do. You listen to your heart. And you listen with intent and action.

Give yourself a break and give yourself some grace.

This is a blog to me.

Believing something that can never be must be at the time of our dream’s conquest, will steal all of the joy that the moment was meant to hold. And that of coming moments.


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