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Impossible To Believe Is Impossible To Believe

Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash

I’ve seen and know too many people that are immeasurably successful to think for one second that impossibility exists (well it can potentially be measured even though success is defined differently by everyone and may not necessarily be measured in levels of earnings. However, my point of this post is to demonstrate that things occur that many people would assume to be far-fetched and impossible. So without further ado, I have close friends that earn $80,000 per month all the way up to over one million dollars per week. Sound impossible? It’s not for the folks I know that are real life humans.)

Impossible was a word created by uncommitted, undetermined, lazy people 🙂

Wealthy people have stricken the word from both thought and language. This will be the last time I use the word. This also leads me into an argument of absolutes. People tend to think that nothing can be constant because they somehow connect the word constant with perfect. “Well nothing in this life is perfect therefore I could never ever achieve something that relates to this word.” Every single day, I breathe as constantly and consistently as I did the day before (thankful for this by the way.)

Why can’t I constantly and consistently think in a better way with a better belief about myself and my future every day in the same way that I constantly and consistently breathe? I can. So can you. I can also strike the word impossible from my CHOSEN language and never speak or ponder it again. It no longer exists to me. There it is, you can do anything you thought previously to be “impossible.” Oh wait! Maybe you would argue this way, “So could you dunk a basketball if you wanted to, Craven, or would that be… impossible?” *snicker snicker GOT HIM*

There’s nothing in my heart that’s out of line with my abilities.

Really I could drop the mic right there, but I’ll continue. No where in my heart is there a desire or an urge to dunk a basketball. If you wish to argue for a word that not only encourages your limiting beliefs but also adds to them… 🙂

Napoleon Hill said, “We foolishly believe that our own limitations are the proper measure of limitations.

I want to climb the mountain with people that are thrilled to be scaling it, not with folks finding reasons why we can’t.


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