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Photo by Taylor Wright on Unsplash
Photo by Taylor Wright on Unsplash

Inspiration is funny. It’s interesting. After I started consistently writing blogs, I started seeing some other friends and connections doing their things with more consistence. From blogs to podcasts. It’s so cool to see that fire of inspiration spreading.

I could probably sit back and go, “Hey! Look at that awesome change I affected. Ain’t I awesome.” Thankfully I can’t. There’s two reasons I can’t take that kind of credit; first, inspiration is a current that always flows through the universe, gripping up people’s imaginations almost at random. So, it started way before me and will continue long after me. It’s a beautiful part of the universe that we all equally have access to. The second reason, my great friend/brother, Allen Norris, started doing a daily vlog.

His inspiration inspired me to pick up the pen again and start creating. Inspiration is caught. And I love it. Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, Allen could take credit for all of this ignited motivation.” He played a part in it, but only because the person before him played their part… (Allen is also one of the most humble humans I’ve ever had the great pleasure to know, so he very likely would not accept that kind of credit. But he has played a huge and beautiful part in igniting inspiration in a lot of people. I hope he knows that.)When we see people doing things that are in line with what’s in their hearts, it ignites one of two things within us; passion and a fire to pursue that passion or bitterness and jealousy.

We realize on a subconscious level that we’re not doing anything with the gifts we have. Or maybe on a conscious level, but we’re too terrified or lazy to make a move. I’m hoping you’re on the side of that statement that doesn’t suck.

My other friend often closes his posts with, “Be Inspired.” That seems fitting for today… BE INSPIRED!

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