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If I could get one thing across to people that would have the most impact on their lives it would be this: Your thoughts will determine EVERY aspect of your life. They will determine whether your day is joyful or miserable. Thoughts will move you in the direction of purpose or keep you seated in defeat. To quote Shakespeare, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

So whatever happens to you in your life, whether it’s awesome or it sucks, is completely up to you and the thoughts that you allow yourself to associate with the thing. Thoughts are very real and tangible things. They start off as sort of this abstract energy produced in what we call our minds, but they find their transition to tangible reality when action follows thought. Bob Proctor wrote a book called, “Thoughts Are Things…” That title is 100% accurate.

Automobiles first existed within the mind through imagination as a thought. Computers existed first within the mind through imagination as a thought. We often tend to believe things don’t exist because we can’t hear, see, taste, touch, or smell them. Thought is the preliminary to the thing that we can hear, see, taste, touch, or smell. How incredible of a realization it is to know how different our world might look without thoughts. Imagination is the fundamental faculty that gives rise to thought endowed to our species in order to create.

This creative power takes shape in the form of buildings and planes, a life of riches or one filled with pain. Where so many people go so wrong, myself previously included, is that they continually and ONLY listen to themselves as opposed to talking to themselves. My mind, just like yours, in the natural is almost purely negative. Without harnessing the thoughts that are continually fed to your mind, it will remain in this state. How do you harness these thoughts? Is it by never ever allowing yourself to think a negative thought? No. Definitely no. That would be some serious pressure.

The simple way to harness all the bad that is in your mind is to simply and continually introduce what is good. Continually adding thoughts that make you feel good and making it HABIT will begin to train your mind to sway toward the good instead of its regular swerve to the negative. Left alone and to its own devices, your mind will be negative. Your mental state will be negative. Your actions will be negative. Your whole life will be negative.

I was at a conference recently and the speaker said to think of three things we would change in order to take our lives to the level we desire. I knew that there was really only one answer to this. The one call for change that would raise my life to a new level would be to simply change my thinking.

It’s not a list of three or thirty things that you need to change to increase your life experience. It’s only one.

Change your thinking.


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