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Living BOLD Like A Grande Vanilla Latte

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash
Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

A grande vanilla latte, though delicious, is anything but bold. Bold would be a triple shot of espresso in a black coffee. So my question is, are you living like a grande vanilla latte? Sweet and as rough as a puppy wrapped in a fluffy blanket. Or, are you that triple espresso black coffee? Very unafraid to take Life by the collar and punch it in the face. At the very least demand from Life what you want. Unafraid to announce your plans for your future and begin doing the things that will give those plans breath.

I love the definition of bold — showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

Where’s your confidence? Do you believe in yourself boldly? So bold that you say without reluctance what it is you do. What it is you plan to do without the fear of what someone else may think.

The moment I start worrying about pleasing even one other person at the expense of sacrificing my dream, is the moment that I’ve lost my damn mind. My advice is always, go for crazy when you’re going after a dream. But that kind of crazy, living under the rule of another’s opinion of you, living concerned of what someone may think if you share your plans and your vision, that is the kind of crazy you absolutely have to stay away from.

And here’s something else. Don’t tell every single person you know, every single thing you plan to do. That doesn’t mean to hide your plans, but save yourself from the barrage of negativity that is sure to follow from some of the key people in your life. Or even the not-key people in your life. When you’re sharing your vision, you have to be mindful that at that moment, you are the only one that can see it. So yes! Most people are going to think you’re crazy. Which is ok, but again save yourself the challenge of not only having to overcome your doubt, but everyone else’s doubt as well.

There will be some people that support your bold beliefs and lofty visions, but the majority will not. The more you open yourself to let someone sling their arrows of disbelief your way, it’s only a matter of time before one of them hit you in your heart and it’s all over. The visions fade. The dream dies. Your heart aches for what could have been. Also because it has an arrow sticking in it.

Life is a paradox. Boldly scream from the mountains who you are and what will be accomplished and in the same breath, don’t tell anyone.

Do you look at the things you’re gifted with and believe in them? Believe that you’re the right person for the job? Believe that no one else can do this thing quite like you? And then attack it with everything you’ve got? That’s living boldly. That’s when you can call yourself a triple shot espresso black coffee.

And if you start thinking there are racial undertones to this post, you controversy-craving few, there are not. If we break this down by race I’m a vanilla latte mixed with a black coffee. So calm down.

Live bold.

Live brave.

Live confident.


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