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Moments of Searing Doubt

Photo by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash
Photo by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash

Do you really think you can make it?… I mean, really? … Financial freedom? … A life of luxury? … You really believe this can happen for you?… Come on. The way your life has been? … No debt? Nice car? Big home? All from doing what you say you love? Really? You REALLY think this can be done? … For you… Come on.”

Maybe this voice is right… Maybe I don’t have what it takes… Maybe my intelligence and my talent is not enough… Maybe this voice is right… Maybe…

Maybe the voice is a lie. Maybe this voice knows just the right time to step in so that our steps get misaligned. Maybe it’s when the dreamer has not quite yet seen the fruits of his labor. Maybe it’s during the fourth year of waiting for the Bamboo tree to grow when it takes five. Maybe the voice is something we have to scream back at. Maybe we should scream that that voice IS A LIE! Those thoughts that it brings forth are founded on faulty foundation and they will never live near as long as our words of truth! Our foundation is a solid foundation! Our foundation is built on truth! Our foundation is built on life! Our foundation is built on love! And no voice will EVER take away the purity of truth that rests within our hearts! Never will that weak and pathetic voice be heard by the dreamer! The one fixated on truth! The one fixated on fear being defeated! The one fixated on all faults being replaced by the PERFECTION of a dream!




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