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Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

First, put this track on in the background before you read further…

(I always listen to either classical music or movie scores when I read. Steve Jablonsky is definitely a go-to for me and this track is about as epic as it gets.)

Can you fixate in your mind a time where all that you wished for, all that you dreamed for, comes, finally, to pass?

I walk in the cafe and see strangers upon strangers all buried in a book with my name on the cover. I walk in slowly and see their faces. Some shining and laughing with their neighbor, some smiling as their eyes dart across the pages.

Every ounce of sadness, every breaking moment of darkness, and every doubt-filled experience washed away by this single moment. This very simple, very special moment. My heart feels unimaginably full. My whole body breathes vitality and life. And light seems to be shining through me. I am complete and completely whole in this single special and dreamt of moment. My dreams have collided with my reality.

As the night goes on and the aroma of dark roast coffee fills the air, I talk to all of my new friends about the journey that brought the pages to life and to their hands. The struggle and the defeat which is now all merely a dream while what was once only a dream is now a clear reality. The dreams and the struggles have switched places in my now experienced reality. I look at every eye and heart in that small cafe that seems to have the world’s spotlight on it. And I tell every eye and every heart, my dream has come to life. I wrote about this moment and now it sits before me.

I catch the hint that there are other hearts in the room burning silently, awaiting permission to become ablaze. You have permission. You are allowed to dream. You are meant to be this great thing you wish to be.


Dream some more.

And dream some more.

I feel those hearts pumping stronger, the fire burning brighter. The impact is far-reaching and we, in the room, do not have near the understanding of how important this moment is. But we ALL recognize it’s weight.

The vision and dream you have for your life should be even more clear and more vivid than this one.

This is my vision. What’s yours? Write it out. Think about it daily. Plan for it to happen. Expect for it to happen. All dreams come true. See them. Believe in them.

Believe in them.


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