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Negative (-) Faith

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash
Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

The only thing that bounds people to misfortune, poverty, and a life that they’re less than proud of is negative faith. We seem to only think that faith works if we’re stepping out and trying something awesome like walking toward a dream, believing that it will happen. And it often does happen for people that move forward with belief that it will be achieved. Those people walking by that kind of faith, taking risks and attaching hope to what seems lightless are certainly doing something different from the masses. Which should immediately tell us that they’re on to something big because the masses are a mess. The status quo is not to be emulated. Ever.

People who have stepped into a path of believing for better tomorrows have written books, traveled the world, raised loving families, and most of all, found peace. They’ve found joy. They’ve been shown things by Life that not many others have seen. Felt chambers of their hearts move that the masses could never feel.

What I just spoke about is positive faith. What I want to illustrate today is negative faith. It has been shown again and again, people achieving incredible success in their lives when they approach things from a stance of believing it can be accomplished. (This isn’t just multi-billionaires or celebrities, this is the guy who walked up to the girl that no one thought he had a chance with. The definition of one’s success is a definition of variance. Everyone’s positive faith journey is also a definition of variance.)

For us not to think that this faith principle works in reverse would be foolish. The masses are on what I’d call a negative faith journey. I can say with an almost unwavering certainty that more often than not, when you talk to someone about what’s new in their life, your inquiry will be met with something to the effect of, “Same ol’, same ol’.” There is little to no belief in that person that things could ever get better.

The standard beliefs are, “This is all there is… Those things are for someone else… I could never have that… This is just the hand I was dealt… I wish I had their luck… Nothing good ever happens to me…

Or when something good is taking place in this person’s life, they’re response is, “This is too good to be true… This won’t last… Things like this don’t happen to people like me…

That negative faith journey is filled with thinking of “never enough” and “not for me”. When you believe your life sucks and everything bad happens to you… Your life will suck and everything bad will happen to you. When you think there is more and you can achieve more, there will be more and you will achieve more. More money, more peace, and more love.

The roads have diverged. Which will you take?


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