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Oh! That’s A Terrible Thought… Guess I’ll Think About It The Rest Of The Day!

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash
Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Don’t mind me, just sitting here expecting a shitstorm… See, because that’s what I’m used to. Nothing has ever really worked out for me. I’m used to losing, failing, and coming up very short. That’s just the life I was given. It’s not my fault, the Universe just kinda has it out for me. From failed relationships to failed careers, I have seen it all and it all really does suck. I’m not even particularly upset about it. It is what it is. Sometimes, though, I kinda wish I was someone else. Maybe the guy sitting with his beautiful family in the coffee shop… Or the guy that wrote the New York Times Bestseller and has a few million followers on his Twitter.

If we actually knew the stories of the people we think have everything, we would very likely begin to try harder. We would very likely begin to think a little better. And we would very likely not want to be them.

There is not a single person on this Earth that has ever or will ever have an untroubled walk through life.

We can fall into the thought of thinking things never work out but what if we actually analyzed the situation we think didn’t work.

Well, my relationship failed…. She was a terrible person and brought the worst parts out of you. TOXIC! TOXIC! TOXIC! Hallelujah! That’s over!

Well, I’ve had a career change and I’m just not sure where I’m going… You’re in a place now of exploration. Anytime that happens, new discoveries are made. You now have a chance to be free and figure out who you are.

You can say, “Mark, that’s all positive thinking garbage. I hate you.”

You have the option to think either, “Ok… I’ve lost my job. Now I can figure out who I really am. This is a beautiful moment where I can start over.” Or, “I’ve lost my job! I’m such a loser! How am I going to make it?! I’m worthless…”

You sincerely have the option of how to think about something like that. In both thought paths you accept the reality of the situation, but each path will have severely different effects on how you feel about it.

Thinking better is not the only answer to the pains of life. Sometimes you don’t have the right neurotransmitters firing at the right times or your body doesn’t create enough Serotonin on its own, so medicine has to come into play. But that also is not the only answer. Things work together synergistically. One cannot replace the other.

Finding the right medicine for biological deficiencies can take time but your thought life can change immediately. You can decide right now to start talking to yourself about the good things that have arisen from the bad. That decision means you are now in a daily practice of saying affirmations to yourself. Something really complicated and difficult to remember like, “Good things are happening to me.”

I believe in miracles. I think you should too.

Miracles are not just bringing the dead back to life… Or… maybe it is. Because the person thinking over and over again that they are nothing, is not very alive. Once new thoughts are introduced to their psyche like, “I am so thankful for this breath I’m taking right now… I am so much stronger than I was… There really is a powerful strength within me… I have overcome so much… Man, it feels good to breathe…”

That’s when we see a miracle. That’s when the dead come back to life.


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