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On Fire!

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

You hear a lot about the power of association. Getting around good people. And there is some serious power in it. Whatever the thing is that you’re interested in doing, you have to get around other people that are doing that thing. You want to write, get around writers. You want to speak, get around speakers. You want to be financially free, get around people that are there.

One of the things that I want is to be free financially. Last night I had a great opportunity to be around someone that achieved exactly that. Stephen works in our company and made his first million at age 25 and has continued that million-dollar plus income since. He’s 37 now.

A lot of times we think that when we want to accomplish something that to us seems great, it may also seem unreal or impossible. My friend, Sara, asked me to meet one of her friends who wanted to write a book. He and I sat down for coffee and talked about what he wanted to do. At that time, I had written my first book and self-published it through Amazon. I gave him a few pointers, nothing particularly mind-blowing, but he walked away on fire!

He was on fire because he started to see that it was possible for him to do it as well. Basically, he looked at me and said, “If this dude can do it, so can I!” Which is 100% true. Prior to our brief meeting, he saw writing a book as some mountain floating in clouds, that he’d be willing to climb, if only he could get to it. Once I showed him that it wasn’t surrounded by clouds in the sky, but rather on the ground surrounded only by fog, he began his journey. Because he knew he could. The same journey I had begun 2.5 books ago because my amazing friend/mentor D.A. Walters showed me how to do it. (Her books are here)

This same thing happened with me again yesterday, spending time with Stephen. First, I see that he’s a human, just like me. He didn’t float into the room on some magical carpet or appear beneath pillars of gold. That would have been cool, but that’s not how it went down.

It’s not just seeing that someone of such a high social and socioeconomic status is real because they eat a Caesar Salad like you do, but it’s seeing them light up when they’re teaching on something that they know will hugely impact your life. It’s the same passion I had when I was teaching at the college. And the same look that I get now when I’m reaching someone with something of value. So hearing him speak and seeing how he spoke was something else I could very much relate to.

You start to see that the people you admire are not so different than you. Doing what you can to get yourself around the right people that you know will help get you to that next level is one of the most important steps in achieving that next level. Without the support and personal coaching from someone who is where you wish to be, your chances of achieving that thing are severely impacted. You’re creating a handicap for yourself by disassociating with the right people.

Stephen brought up a great point that our CEO, Andy, was making on our weekly conference call. Apparently someone mentioned to him that they aren’t sure if they want to be rich. Instead of getting into some long dissertation as to the virtues of financial success and the reasons why it’s better to be rich as opposed to being broke, he just said, “When are you scheduling your exam to get your license?” The meaning here is that we don’t have to wrap our minds around something we haven’t actually experienced yet. Something that is currently out of touch from our reality.

We know it’s something we would like to someday grasp, but we also realize today is not that day. It can’t be. Everything is a process. All we have to do, is schedule a test. All we have to do is a simple first step. How do you write a book? Starts with a sentence. How do you build financial freedom? Starts with the small steps of coaching that you receive from the people that are there.

If we’re willing to do the little things with consistency and trust… trust in ourselves, trust in the people we’ve chosen to be our leaders… we will achieve things we’ve only imagined that seem unimaginable.


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